Braiding Sweetgrass
Robin Wall Kimmerer
p. 9

Braiding Sweetgrass
Robin Wall Kimmerer
p. 7

Our collection pays homage to the profound symbiosis and artful dialogue between humanity and the sea, eternalized in shell.

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of California's coastal guardians, our shell jewelry embodies the confluence of the ocean's eternal rhythm and human expression. The Chiguan and Ohlone people, with Montara's shores as their home, used shells as conduits of connectivity, exchange, and artistic manifestation.

Home Decor

Shell and Lace Tablecloth  
Hand-stitched shells ornamented on a green hemp cloth, with hand stitched lace trim, complimented by a lovely polymer clay rose bouquet. Back is secured & excess string remains for security and re-tying if needed <3
36 inch circumfrence

Jewelry Dishes

Beaded Oyster Jewelry Dish
length 2.5 in.  width 1.5 in.

Pearl Studded Butterfly Clam Jewelry Dish
length 1.5 in.  width 2.5 in.

Cupped Pearl Butterfly Wing Jewelry Dish
length 1.5 in.  width 3.5 in.

Lace & Pearl Bow-tie Butterfly Jewelry Dish
length 2 in.  width 3.5 in.

Flat Shell Oyster Jewelry Dish
length 3 in.  width 2 in.

Jewelry & Accessories

Jellyfish Ribbon Pearl & Cross Shell Keychain
Jellyfish aesthetic keychain with ribbon, umbrella shell, pearl beads, and upcycled cross charm
8 inch length ideal as a keychain and wall decor (fragile)

Disco Gem Shell Choker
Made with off-white hemp string, a recycled earring, and ethically sourced shell. 
27 inch circumfrence, adjustable knot and bead design

Ladybug Shell Necklace
Made with braided white hemp string, upcycled ladybug charm, and a flat shell 
46 inch circumfrence, adjustable knot design

Beaded Hanging Shell Necklace
Made with beige hemp string, upcycled wooden beads, and shell 
26 inch necklace circumfrence, 12 inch hanging bead and shell portion, adjustable string design

Lacey Flower Petal Pearl Shell Keychain
Upcycled VW pearl beacd necklance, 3 shells, 2 pearl beads, and a ribbon petal design
10 inch length with keychain attachment

Butterfly Shell Charm Keychain
Oyster shell attached to upcycled sterling silver bracelet with a pink butterfly charm and ribbon 
14 inch length ideal as a keychain and wall decor

Rosary San Dollar Charm
White rosary upcycled with a sand dollar and ribbon
78 inch circumfrence, non-adjustable design ideal for wall decor

Blue Rosary Oyster Charm
A blue rosary upcycled with a oyster shell attachment,
18 inch circumfrence, non-adjustable design ideal for wall decor

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